Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Software Engineer for Cloud Native Architectures

2023 - present, Hamburg, Germany

DPS - IT for Finance, Retail & Public Sector

Software Developer

2018 - 2023, Hamburg, Germany

Development of European wide leading system in the area of payment transactions

>100 Mio. transactions 24/7 High Load Backend >25 big clients (banks)

Project topics: Domestic and foreign payment transactions, Instant Payments, Clearing & Settlement, Backoffice, SWIFT, SEPA, MX-Migration, Reporting, etc.


  • Customer-oriented backend development under time pressure
  • Responsive and targeted problem solving
  • Analysis, consulting, review, and solution of conceptual design problems
  • Support of the test team
  • Development, refactoring, maintenance, optimization under existing legacy structures
  • Effort estimation of topics and projects

Dev topic examples:

  • Integration of TARGET Instant Payment Settlement (provided by European Central Bank) into existing instant payment processing. Focus on liquidity management. Integration with Continuous gross settlement REST API.
  • GTVO (Geldtransferverordnung) validation that helps payment service providers to determine absence or incompleteness of ordering party and beneficiary information (anti-money laundering).
  • SWIFT-MX migration. Migration of the largest and oldest payment format from string-based implementation to xml base. Creation of backward compatibility.

Tech-Stack: Java, Java EE, Oracle Enterprise, Active MQ, JBoss, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes

Envidatec GmbH

Software Engineer

2014 - 2018, Hamburg, Germany

Development of My-JEVis energy monitoring software, which makes it easy and cost-effective to keep track of consumption, production data and costs.


  • Backend & frontend development in a small agile team
  • Maintenance, Deployment, Testing
  • Customer data analysis
  • Setup of measurement equipment, data collectors and other hardware

Tech-Stack: Java, MySQL, Angular